Flavor magic protion control sheets

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Flavor Magic Portion Control
Sheets is a new tool that simplifies home cooking to help consumers eat right and
manage their weight. This product takes the guesswork and prep-work out of judging
sensible protein portions while simultaneously making dinner more flavorful.
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Flavor Magic Portion Control Sheets is an at home portion control tool and an all-natural,
healthful seasoning product in one convenient package. Designed for use with meat,
fish, and poultry, the pre-measured spice transfer sheets are sized according to the
established “deck of cards” guideline, which represents the appropriate 3 - 5 oz protein
portion size recommended by the American Dietetic Association. The sheets are also
completely oven safe up to 400 degrees, making the preparation of healthful meals
easier by allowing the user to roast or microwave directly on the sheet.

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At home, place a piece of raw meat, fish, or poultry on a seasoning sheet, using the size
of the sheet to help determine the recommended portion size. If the food fits on a Flavor
Magic Portion Control Sheet, it’s a sensible portion – it’s as easy as that. Let the food sit
on the sheet to marinate until the spices transfer (about 20 - 30 minutes). The result? A
perfectly portioned, fully seasoned, and ready-to-cook piece of protein. Just remove the
sheet and sauté, grill, or steam or leave the sheet on and microwave or bake. Clean up
is even easier…simply discard the sheet.

Flavor magic portion control sheets by real chef