New meat stickers by design Jane Ltd.

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New meat stickers for Raeward fresh by design Jane Ltd.

A new range of meat stickers was created for a variety of meat types and sizes in 2010.
The stickers needed to work with small medium and large existing meat trays & be able to be used in refrigerator and in freezer.
They also needed to incorporate new branding, a main meat type + cooking types. We wanted customers to be able to imagine the meat cooked in their homes, so cooked yummy photographs where used + a cooking tip was also included on each sticker to keep things nice and easy.

A colour coding system was set-up across the entire range, for example; ‘Roasting/Baking’ was the same blue colour across the entire range (for all meat types). Each main meat type was also given a main colour, for example; ‘BEEF’ is always shown using red as a top ribbon.

Promotional stickers where also created to work with the main meat stickers. These needed to be bold, but also work with the style of the new meat stickers & new branding.

Process; Create initial concepts, agree on shape/ concepts, create colour coding system, source images, set-up with supplied type, test colours, create mock-ups, source print quotes, set-up final artwork and supply to printer, review proofs, work with the printer to ensure the best possible results.