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This is what Samuel Levie says about Brandt & Levie in Second Sight

Brandt & Levie is the company that we started in Amsterdam. We travelled round Italy, learnt from some of the best butchers in the world and came back and started straight away. Good butchers are hard to find nowadays and we believe they can be the part of the solution for the meat crisis we are facing. And I have to say that we are very proud to be part of this movement and we have discovered that it is great fun to learn and practise a craft. We produce Salumi and fresh sausages that we sell to shops and restaurants and every Saturday on the Zuidermarkt in Amsterdam. We also run another business, the Green Peas. We advise companies about how to develop their strategies for sustainable food, and we organised food projects with young people. I spend a couple of days a week in the butchery, which is just outside Amsterdam. We have people working there everyday and sometimes I feel jealous that they are working continually in the process. The butchery is between green fields and next to our friend’s farm. Dirco sources our pigs. Our philosophy is that to change the food system and society’s attitude to food we need to understand food. Together with young activists and entrepreneurs all over the world we are trying to bring back understanding and appreciation of good meat.