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The Smartwurst sausage toaster grills up to two German Bratwursts in a simple and fast way. The new idea is preparing sausages vertically with a 360 degree heating jacket generating the high energy required for grilling the sausage crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside. In comparison to traditional ways of preparing sausages, the use of the sausage toaster delivers better results, is easier to use, faster and more energy efficient. The compact design makes it possible to offer Bratwurst at a broad range of new locations.

The Smartwurst Original Bratwurst has a traditional meaty flavour. It is especially created for the sausage toaster, achieving shorter grilling times and having greater taste with less fat. As high quality ingredients and good taste are the most important characteristics of a Bratwurst, we joined forces with the famous local producer of traditional sausages "Bley - beste Wurst" to create this masterpiece of German sausage: Original Smartwurst.