Flavor infused skewers

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Skews™ developed by Vic Cherikoff

Skews™ are a new, natural way of marinating meats from the inside out and impart crisp, clean flavours to any meats and they do this with NO fat, NO sugar and NO GOO left on the hotplate or in the pan. They are best described as flavour-infused and heat activated and are available in packs of 8 skewers in 8 different varieties: Hot Chilli, Crushed Garlic, Thai Basil, Paperbark Smoke, Wild Pepper, Fresh Coconut, Spanish Rosemary and Rainforest Lime.

They are a product of collaboration between Vic Cherikoff and brand strategist/designer David Kerslake from Making Waves Design. My ideal outcome was to develop skewers which delivered just the right amount of appealing taste into a wide range of meats, seafood and vegetables and to have them heat-activated so that the Skews™ can be pre-loaded even days in advance. Our Skews™ are the result and I hope you agree that the flavour impact they deliver is impressive.

Kebabs on Skews™ can be cooked on the barbecue hot plate (finish over the grill if you want some flame finish), in a pan or in the oven but meats need to be cooked more than blue to rare for the heat to activate the flavours. If you like your meat barely cooked then skewer the meat onto the Skews™ so that the wood is very close to the surface and place this down on the heat first and foremost. This is the recommended use of the Spanish Rosemary Skew with lamb kebabs or if grilling fish which is best done rare in the middle eg salmon.

Larger roasts such as legs of lamb, rolls of beef, whole bird or poultry pieces and whole fish can be infused with our flavours and oven-baked. Again, pierce the Skews™ through the meat keeping them about 1cm from the surface and use 1 Skew per 350g of meat. It is possible to pair flavours. Try Hot Chilli and Thai Basil could be used in a beef roast, a large fish or whole chicken. Spanish Rosemary and Crushed Garlic can go into a leg of lamb. Wild Pepper and Paperbark Smoke really suits poultry or whole fish.

Bar-B Skews™ can also be used pushed through whole steaks, sausages (particularly good) and mince (with egg and breadcrumb mixed through) shaped around the Skews™ as meatballs or skinless sausages