INNO-LABS, Fire wire grilling

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Fire wire has sparked renewed interest in backyard grilling with its unique skewers that are both easier to use and easier to maintain than conventional steel or wood skewers. The cable-like flexibility of these skewers provides equal flexibility in the way backyard chefs can now prepare and cook foods. With fire wire, everything goes in the marinating bag -skewer and all- so food doesn't have to be handled twice to marinate. And when placed on the grill, these skewers can be arranged so as to take maximum advantage of the grilling space. Made of 10% stainless steel, fire wire skewers are easy to clean, dishwasher safe, will not rust, and come with a lifetime guarantee.

Flexibe skewer

Marinate right on the skewer

Easy loading

Direct to plate use

Photo courtesy INNO-LABS

Fire wire by INNO-LABS

Distributor for the Netherlands Brutus kookt