Meat window shopping in a hotel

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No prizes for guessing what the menu focuses on at a restaurant called the [m]eatery. Yep, it's the perfect restaurant for meat-lovers and it's just opened at the SIDE Hotel in Hamburg, northern Germany, which is part of the Design Hotels group. Basically, it's a fancy steakhouse with a bunch of steak and burgers to choose from (cue jokes about eating a hamburger in Hamburg), but it also offers fish steaks and a couple of vegetarian choices.

The big selling point for the [m]eatery is that it's also got a special meat locker room where you can see the dry-aging process for the meat. Looking through a glass wall, you can watch meat dry ... but be aware that it takes even longer than watching paint dry – they store the meat for about four weeks under specific temperature conditions, which is said to make the steaks more tender and with a more intense flavor.

Before or after your steak, you can also grab a cocktail at the [m]eatery bar which is just next to the restaurant. Although a cocktail bar that's called [m]eatery does strike us as a bit odd.

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