Meet the meat, The Butchers art

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Meet the meat by Henk van Kooten
Meeting the meat is connecting origin and reality as part of the human body.
The project was not to harm or provoce people in eating or not eating meat.
It is the beauty of the combinations.
First idea was to show the meat in contrast of the nude human body. Doing this,
Henk van Kooten wanted people to realise that the meat comes from a certain part of a animal and show this on a human body.
The realisation of meat-art in this.
Awarenes is important to show the purity of it.

This project is still going on in future.
But the ‘meet the meat’ is finished.

It is a impressive set now and ready to go for exhibition.
As a set this is going to be sold.

man with bone

woman with bacon and rind

woman and sausage

 man with pork chops